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Victorian Conservatory InformationThis style of conservatory was developed to lend itself to Victorian architecture. The classic three facet front, emulated the popular Victorian bay window. The faceted front also made for softer architectural lines and a more interesting roof structure. The cresting and finials were designed to compliment the ornate iron mongery the Victorians so admired.

Using the internal angles, made for easy furniture layout. Typically two single chairs are placed against the forty five degree angled walls and a sofa perpendicular to the house wall with a coffee table centred on the floor. When deciding on the size of your conservatory, especially a Victorian, measure the size of what you propose to place in the room and make sure you have space to move in it.

A word of caution. Using the Victorian design a very wide and not to deep design will leave you with floor space that is not very functional. Conversely, a deep projection and average with will always keep its pleasing looks and have a functional floor space.

Victorian Conservatory InformationOn larger structures it becomes necessary to increase the amount of the front facets in order to keep the space practical. On domestic buildings this usually means five or even seven facets are incorporated. This also creates much smoother, rounded architectural lines. These structures will require structural support, usually in the form of a 'tie-bar' or roof brace.

Historically, the Victorians built conservatories for displaying tropical plants and citrus fruits, hence the term 'Orangery'. These early structures were normally made out of steel or timber and glazed with a single pane of glass. There are still many fantastic examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century public conservatories that are still doing the job they were designed for all that time ago.

Victorian Conservatory Base Options

Victorian Conservatory with Dwarf Wall Victorian Conservatory with Full Height Glass Victorian Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
Victorian Conservatory with a Dwarf Wall Base Victorian Conservatory with
Full Height Glass
Victorian Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
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