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Technical terms and reference manual

Box gutter - This a structural, aluminium gutter that is used to connect the conservatory roof to the facia of a bungalow.

Roof spa - This is also know as a glazing bar and holds the roof sheets in place.

Roof ridge - This is the central ridge where all the roof spas meet.

Finial - This is the decorative item placed at the end of the roof ridge.

Cresting - This is the decorative finish on top of the roof ridge.

Polycarbonate - This the multi-walled, glass fibre sheeting used to glaze the roof.

End Caps - These are plastic fittings used to close the end of a roof spa.

Eaves beam - This is an aluminium section, that sits on top of the frames, to strengthen the structure and attach the roof spas to.

Transom - This is the line created in the side frames to divide the top windows from the bottom fixed glass panels.

Mullion - This is the vertical section that divides each glass panel.

Trickle vent - This is a small device built into the PVC frames to allow limited ventilation without having to open a window.

Astragal bar - Also known as Georgian bar. This is a PVC section that is attached to the outside of the glass for decorative purposes.

Shoot bolt - This is part of the locking system in the windows and doors. When the handle is closed a steel bolt extends to a seat in the host frame.

Restrictor stay - This is a device fitted to the top of the door to prevent it from opening more than 90 degrees.

Muntin bar - This is an aluminium section inserted between the roof spas to seal the joint between to roof glazing sheets.

Infill panel - This is an insulated, reinforced PVCu panel that is used in place of double glazed sealed units.

Argon gas - This is dense, inert gas that is inserted into the void in the double glazed unit to reduce condensation and increase sound insulation.

U-value - This is the ability of a double glazed sealed unit to retain heat. The lower the U-value the more efficient the glazing unit.

Tie-bar - This is a structural, steel bar that is attached, internally, to the roof spas to prevent the roof from spreading.

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