Conservatory Spas and Hot Tub  Buyers Guide

Spas and Hot Tubs for Conservatories

A guide to using your conservatory for hot tubs and spas

Conservatory Hot TubsThe definition of a hot tub is 'a wooden or plastic large tub or small pool, that has heated water and usually has air jets.' Hot tubs are often referred to as spas or jacuzzi. Spas and jacuzzi usually refer to indoor pools as opposed to hot tubs being an outdoor pool. The most basic hot tub is of wooden construction and has a seat that runs around the inner perimeter. A modern spa has numerous sitting and lying positions and range from a two seater to being able to accommodate up to ten people in comfort.

The basic use of the hot tub/spa is for relaxation. With the introduction of high pressure jets it is now commonly used for hydrotherapy and massage. The high pressure water jets can be aerated and made to move or rotate, automatically, to create the massage effect. On the more sophisticated hot tubs, over one hundred jets are installed so that every part of the body can feel the soothing effect of the massage at the same time.

Depending on the size of the hot tub, and number of jets, there could be from one to four circulation pumps. One pump would always be dedicated to the filtration and heating function, while the others would be used to power the hydrotherapy jets. The latest models can feature spectacular, underwater lighting displays, built in CD players or even pop-up monitors with built in DVD players. One of the latest innovations is a sound system that turns the plastic, one piece shell, into a speaker and the base vibration can be felt when the music is turned on.

As the hot tub, on average, has about ninety centimetres of water in it, safety precautions should be made if you have children that use the area around the tub. Today hot tubs usually come with an insulated, lockable cover. As with any body of water, sanitation is necessary. There are advanced systems, such as 'ozone introduction', UV sterilization and spa ionizers that can be built into the filtration system or you could just manage the pH value of the water and add 'spa pills' for sanitization purposes.

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