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P Shaped Conservatory InformationThe P-shape conservatory style is a relatively modern concept. Basically the P-shape consists of the combination of two standard conservatory styles. For example, you could chose a Victorian style and attach a lean-to to create the 'spur' off the main structure. The two conservatories are joined by creating a valley junction. You need draw the complete Victorian style and then the complete lean-to style and place them side by side. Now you should cut off, at a forty five degree angle, the back right hand side of the Victorian from the back centre forward, and then cut of the left hand side of the lean-to, also at forty five degrees, from the back left hand corner forward. You can now slide the two shapes together to form your combination P-shape conservatory. Keep in mind that the right hand wall of the Victorian needs to be 400mm longer than the projection of the lean-to to accommodate the valley junction.

P Shaped Conservatory InformationThe term 'P-shape' derives from using The Victorian style combined with the lean-to style to create the P, when viewed from above. But it has become much more popular to use an Edwardian or gable end style, combined with the lean-to to create the same effect. Using these styles you maximise the floor area because you are not restricted by the angles on the front of the Victorian style.

The necessity of the P-shape came because of the five metre width restriction on the standard Victorian, Edwardian and Gable end styles. The modern concept of linking the kitchen and living area of the home with a conservatory generally demands a width of about seven metres. Hence the P-shape. Carefully designed, the floor area can provide a living area for a lounge suite and an area to fit a dining suite. This layout, and the ability to access the kitchen and lounge, creates a new flow through the ground floor of the property and is bound to improve the lifestyle of the home owner.

P Shaped Conservatory Base Options

P Shaped Conservatory with Dwarf Wall P Shaped Conservatory with Full Height Glass P Shaped Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
P Shaped Conservatory with a Dwarf Wall Base P Shaped Conservatory with
Full Height Glass
P Shaped Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
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