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Lean to Conservatory InformationThe lean-to is by far the most common form of conservatory styles. The name describes the design to a tee as the whole width of the back of the conservatory roof leans on the host wall. Also commonly know as the sunroom, this style of conservatory is by far the easiest to install and thus is popular with the DIY community.

A standard lean-to roof is set at five degrees and has PVCu firrings to close the angle between the roof bars and the top of the frames.

The average height at the back of the roof, where it is connected to the wall, is 400mm taller than the front. Where the height is restricted, as on a bungalow, there is also a low-pitch, two and a half degrees, that is available with a structurally enhanced system to cope with heavy snow loading. There is also the option to take the pitch to a maximum of thirty degrees. The angles created between frame and roof are now closed with glazed, shaped frames to line up with wall frames below.

Lean to Conservatory InformationThe maximum projection for a standard lean-to conservatory roof is about four metres ( depending on pitch and glazing material ) before structural enhancements are required. One of the lean-to's best features is there is no limit to the width that can be installed.

When the name lean-to is mentioned, it conjures up images of a cheap looking, flat roof structure, on the back of a terraced property. Today that is about as far from the truth as it could be. You will find many five star establishments have lean-to structures as restaurant extensions, pool side bars and fashionable entrance areas. All that is different from your back yard 'plastic lean-to' is the material and colour.

When carefully and creatively planned, the lean-to style can be a stunning architectural feature.

On the domestic front, architects are incorporating lean-to conservatory designs into new, modern and very up-market dwellings, as transitional areas between the internal living areas and the landscaped gardens.

Lean to Conservatory Base Options

Lean to Conservatory with Dwarf Wall Lean to Conservatory with Full Height Glass Lean to Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
Lean to Conservatory with a Dwarf Wall Base Lean to Conservatory with
Full Height Glass
Lean to Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
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