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L Shaped Conservatory InformationThe L-shape conservatory, as is logical, is designed to fit around the corner of a building. Like the P-shape conservatory design, it is designed to link up different areas of the existing dwelling. Again this structure is designed to combine standard conservatory styles to create the required L-shape. It is not always neccassary to use the same style but in most occassions this is required.

If you have a height restriction on the host wall, you will need a hipped back option. These would be an Edwardian or a gable end conservatory.

Should you require different projections from the house walls on either side of the corner you are building around, you will have to consider valleys and hip angles, and it would be a good idea to consult a professional to overcome the technical issues.

L Shaped Conservatory InformationIf the projection of both spurs is the same, and you do not need to consider the pitch of the roof , the lean-to option would be the preferred option. A hip would join the two conservatories together at the corner junction and you would still have the option of introducing hips at the end of each of the structures, as opposed to using shaped frames to join the roof to the frames.

The L-shape conservatory is a very practical floor plan, as it generally allows access from the internal living and cooking areas to be accessed from the new conservatory room. It also allows the seperate layout of living and dining areas to be created, enhancing the overall flow of the ground floor area.

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