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Pavillion Conservatory InformationThe gable end style of conservatory dates back to conception of using a glass room for growing plants and citrus fruits. It was a logical design choice, giving it's simple structural lines. All of the roof panels are rectangular, thus providing easy building blocks for installation.

Although the gable end design is as old as the conservatory concept it's self, it is still one of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing styles of conservatory. When entering the conservatory from the house, the first thing that strikes you is the height of the view out of the conservatory. All other roof styles, even with glass roofs, have the roof glazing at about a 25 degree pitch, which differentiates the wall frames from the roof structure. Having this tall wall of glass creates, what we refer to as 'the wow factor'.

The gable end style suits practically any architectural style and period home. For a modern home, removing the finials and cresting and using a stainless steel, structural, tie-wire, creates a minimalistic, contemporary feel. Conversely, using ornate cresting and a ball finial, along with a brass tie-bar that has detailed ironmongery scrolling, will create the feel of a nineteenth century structure. To enhance this period feeling, the frame height should be lengthened from 2100mm to 2400mm to Gable Ended Conservatory Informationcreate more volume and move the transom line to line up with the top of the doors, in order to create top lights above the doors.

On the technical side, the maximum projection and width, before the need for a portal frame (structural enhancement), is about five metres. The roof ridge will have to be specified by a structural engineer if you decide to upgrade the glazing material from polycarbonate to glass.

There are a number of different styles to glaze the gable conservatory itself. The most common being vertical mullions, that line up with the frames below. To create more interest there are the 'sunburst', 'cartwheel', 'traditional' and a number of other designs that are available. The economical way to create these designs is the use internal, shaped, 'Georgian Bar'.

Gable Ended Conservatory Base Options

Gable Ended Conservatory with Dwarf Wall Gable Ended Conservatory with Full Height Glass Gable Ended Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
Gable Ended Conservatory with a Dwarf Wall Base Gable Ended Conservatory with
Full Height Glass
Gable Ended Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
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