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Edwardian Conservatory InformationThe Edwardian style of conservatory is a much more recent development compared to the Victorian. Architecture in recent history has become less 'fussy' and more practical. When considering the floor plan of your new conservatory, it is obvious that you are creating more space in the Edwardian while using the same width and projection as would in a Victorian style.

When sitting in an Edwardian style conservatory the volume, or feeling of space, is much greater than that of the Victorian. It is now common practice to use varying heights of brick walls on different sides of the Edwardian and thus creating interesting and modern looking extensions. With all the advances in technology that can be applied to the conservatory structure and glazing it has become popular to have complete glass structures that are thermally efficient all year round. A full height glass Edwardian is now often used as a dining or sitting room while offering excellent views of the garden – bringing the outside in. In the past full height glass conservatories were considered to look like green house, but the Edwardian style has put that assumption to an end.

Edwardian Conservatory InformationGenerally, an Edwardian style conservatory can be up to five metres in projection and five metres in width before any structural modifications are required. This creates a larger than average space for a combination of living, working, playing or eating areas. In recent years the Edwardian style of conservatory has become the most popular choice for home owners in newer properties. The Edwardian style is considered more of an extension than a traditional conservatory.

In summation, if you live in a relatively new home and are considering creating more living space, an Edwardian design, carefully considered and planned, could a moderate cost solution to your extension requirements.

Edwardian Conservatory Base Options

Edwardian Conservatory with Dwarf Wall Edwardian Conservatory with Full Height Glass Edwardian Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
Edwardian Conservatory with a Dwarf Wall Base Edwardian Conservatory with
Full Height Glass
Edwardian Conservatory with Raised UPVC Panels
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