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Conservatory Roof Vents
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The age old conservatory problem of the conservatory overheating has been addressed using a number of methods. Treatments can be added to the roof and glazing material, more opening windows introduced or a thermally broken, roof ventilator can be added. These products can, at a cost, be added in retrospect of the conservatory being built, but if introduced at the outset they will make a huge difference to the comfort in your conservatory.

As we all know, hot air rises so the heat build up will begin in the apex of the roof. The logical conclusion to reduce this heat build is to ventilate the roof space with a window. The first roof vents were not very successful, due to leaking in of rain water and the temperature loss in winter due to inadequate engineering.

The roof vents of today have over come those initial failures and generally perform well for the lifetime of the conservatory. The most basic roof vent is the 'manual roof vent'. This has a spindle opening operation that must be twisted by a hand held pole and hook. The beauty of the spindle system is that it allows you to open the roof vent for just a crack or open it fully to allow maximum ventilation. This system can be compared to that of a car jack

Motorised Conservatory Roof VentsNewer technology allows you to open the roof vent remotely. A small electrical motor with a chain drive system is attached to the frame of the roof vent and the end of the chain is attached to the vent itself. When you switch the motor on the chain is driven upwards, thus opening the vent. This system can also open to the angle you require by just switching off the motor. The upgrade to the motorised roof vent is to install a remote control unit that allows you to control the roof vent from the comfort of your armchair. The ultimate in roof vent technology is to integrate a system that activates the vent motor when a prescribed temperature is reached in the roof, closes when rain is detected and can also be overridden by remote control.

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