Conservatory Lighting Buyers Guide

Conservatory Lighting Buyers Guide

Choose the perfect lighting for your conservatory

Conservatory lighting is a subject like furniture, completely up to ones personal taste. Having said that, the range and variety of lighting for conservatories is extensive. The more technically advanced UPVC profile manufacturers have developed lighting systems that are integral to the conservatory structure. These generally come in the form of low-voltage down lighters, that are built into the roof ridge.

A new product that has become available is a rope light that is installed on top of the ring beam (the component sits above the doors and frames, that the roof is attached too). This is concealed so you do not see the light directly, just the illumination, creating a soft ambient glow. For the more adventurous, these rope lights can be programmed to change colour as and when required.

The more traditional option is the hanging lamp or chandelier. These lights need to be attached to the underside of the roof ridge and can be a simple, single bulb and shade design, to an elaborate, gold plated, multi candle light bulb creation, costing thousands pounds. If you have a lean-to conservatory your options are usually limited to spot light on a roof rafter, wall lights on the house wall or standing or table lamps, that can be plugged into wall sockets.

Another new innovation in conservatory lighting are floor lights. These should not be regarded as the primary lighting source, but there just to create affect. Depending on how you use your conservatory, you should always plan to have back ground lighting to create an ambiance and primary lighting for practical purposes.

Conservatory Spot Lights Chandelier Conservatory Light Suspended Conservatory Roof Light
Conservatory Spot Lights A Chandelier Suspended Roof Light
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