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Quality furniture for conservatories in rattan, cane and wicker

Conservatory FurnitureThe conservatory concept has evolved from an outdoor 'glass house', for growing exotic plants, to a all year round, functional extension of the living area of your home. In order to assess your furniture requirements you need to consider exactly what the conservatory will be used for. Depending on the style and size of the conservatory, you may be limited to what will fit in. We have heard many tales of people building a three metre by three metre Victorian conservatory and purchasing a three piece lounge suite only to find they can only fit the three seater and single seater into the available space.

Traditionally, we think of conservatory furniture as being made out of 'Rattan'. Rattan is a sustainable, fast growing vine, that is easily harvested. It is easy to maintain and comes in a large selection of tones. The rattan suite range is vast and you could buy a suite from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds, depending on the amount of labour that has gone into building the furniture, and the fabric you choose to cover the cushions.

The modern trend to extend the living/dining areas of the home with a conservatory also dictates that the style of the furnishings should match that that is in the existing living/dining areas. This is a completely personal choice but you should consider that once the now fashionable suite in the lounge is to be turfed out in favour of the latest fashion, the the conservatory furniture will not match. By keeping the conservatory suite in neutral colours and decorating conservatories with bold items, such as lamps, coffee tables of wall hangings you will prolong the life of your conservatory suite.

Wicker Conservatory Furniture Rattan Conservatory and Patio Set Cane Conservatory Furniture
Wicker Conservatory Furniture Rattan Conservatory/Patio Set Cane Conservatory Furniture
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