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Perfect Fit Window and Conservatory Roof Blinds

Roof and windows blinds for conservatories made to measure

If you have a south facing conservatory, your choice of conservatory blinds is going to make a dramatic difference to your comfort while using the conservatory during warm, sunny periods. The main function of the blinds is to reduce heat gain and glare and also to decorate and create a private space.

Conservatory Roof Blinds

Pleated blinds are the current favourite in the conservatory blind range. This style of blinds can be used in both the roof and the wall frames. Depending on supplier, these blinds come in a myriad of colours and patterns, to satisfy the most discerning decorator. When the pleated blind is fully extended it is extremely easy to clean. These blinds can be fully automated and can be operated by remote control. The more reputable supplier also has the ability to treat the blind with a heat reflective coating, making the system very effective at solar control.

Roman blinds are the most traditional style of conservatory blinds. This style of blinds is made from material that has thin wooden strips stitched at even spaces to allow you to draw them up in even pleats. These blinds have been manufactured by the French, over the last one hundred years, using 'pinoleum'. This style of blind compliments the traditional conservatory, cane and rattan furniture. This system of blind also allows you to operate them by automated remote control.

Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds Pleated Conservatory Blinds Venetian Conservatory Blinds
Perfect Fit Window Blinds Pleated Conservatory Blinds Venetian Conservatory Blinds

Roller blinds are not the most aesthetically pleasing choice in the conservatory blinds range, but are very popular due to their functionality. Because of the simple design, these blinds can be foil backed to reflect the heat and glare more efficiently to control the heat build up in conservatories.

DIY drapes are an economical solution to reduce the glare and heat build up, but can not compare to the professional systems in terms of heat control efficiency. For the wall frames shutters are available from most DIY outlets, but these can only be used on the wall frames.

The latest innovations in conservatory blinds are integral Venetian blinds that clip into the glazing bead and internal Venetian blinds that are fitted in the double glazed sealed unit. These systems only apply to frame glazing so the roof still needs to be considered.

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