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Choosing a Conservatory Supplier

What to consider when making your selection

The big question, who should you select to build your conservatory. There are a number of issues to consider. The first step is to do your homework. It is generally recommended that you get a minimum of three quotes. Recommendations from friends and family are also very helpful, as they have experienced the building process. Price is always a major factor when considering who to chose, but keep in mind that the cheapest is not necessarily the best value for money .

Some companies will have showrooms displaying their products, but it is always advisable to look at a few examples of work they have completed for clients, as this will represent the standard of quality that you can expect. A background check into the company should also provide you with a some peace of mind. The conservatory industry is notorious for companies folding and them continuing to trade under a different name the next day.

With your written quotation (that should specify exactly what they will provide you with) there should be terms and conditions that stipulate the payment schedule, guarantees and the companies liabilities. You can expect to pay a deposit, but make sure this is insured by a separate company. Generally you would pay a further amount once the base and walls have been build. This figure, including the deposit, should be around fifty percent of the contract value. Some companies request another payment once the conservatory has been delivered to site. As a rule of thumb, you should withhold about twenty five percent of the contract value until the work is complete. This should motivate the company to complete the conservatory in a timely manner and to a reasonable standard of quality.

The guarantee should be from the company building the conservatory, and not just from the product manufacturer. The industry standard for the guarantee is ten years. You need to check the small print carefully as you will find that items such as sealed units and locking mechanisms, will only be guaranteed for a couple of years. Always study the small print.

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