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Bay Edwardian Conservatory InformationThe bay Edwardian conservatory style is only a variation on the standard Edwardian conservatory. Basically it is the Edwardian style with the corner cut off. This is done by introducing another hip and bay pole to create a forty five degree corner. The new facet that is create can be on either the left or right of the front elevation. The facet width can be specified to accommodate the French doors or windows. This design can be applied to overcome a problem like the placement of a manhole or just to make the Edwardian style more interesting.

When considering the bay Edwardian style, one needs to pay careful attention to your furniture layout.
The facet width will limit the amount of floor space available for your conservatory furniture.

Placing the French doors on the corner facet creates a interesting focal point when viewed from inside the conservatory. This will draw the eye to the view created by the full height glass of the doors. The internal view is also enhanced by the introduction of the additional hip, the only downside is the roof spas do not always line up on the roof ridge because of the differing lengths of the left and right hand walls.

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