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Aluminium ConservatoriesAluminium has for decades been the preferred material of choice for architects, specifiers and building professionals. This is principle due to the strength, appearance and lifetime performance that these professionals expect of aluminium. Traditionally, local councils would only accept timber as the material choice for conservatories in conservation areas. But today many conservation authorities accept fully recyclable aluminium structures as a credible alternative to timber.

Unlike uPVC and timber the strength of an aluminium box section is so great it can span much larger distances, without support, allowing a greater freedom when designing a conservatory. The aluminium conservatory will outlast it's uPVC and hardwood counterparts by many times over and will require very little maintenance over the years.

Metal Aluminium ConservatoryWith aluminium your design options and finishes are numerous. If you want to create an ultra modern, sleek 'Glass Room', you could chose the aluminium finish to be in it's natural colour and to have a 'brushed' texture to create a stunning effect. Aluminium also comes in different sections or sizes. A narrow section should be used in the modern structure to create slim sight lines.

Alternatively, if you live in a traditional property, a larger section of aluminium would be more appropriate for the conservatory design. With the advance in paint technology, over a thousand colours are available. Correctly applied, these paint finishes will last a lifetime. For a traditional conservatory a few of the most popular colours are, shaker cream, lichen green or a combination of black and white.

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